The Jungle

The jungle we often see portrayed in movies and television would scare the hell out of most people. It’s understandable. There are wild animals in there. Who would want to mess with tigers and lions? Those beasts will eat you. Everyone knows this. No one has to be convinced. The jungle is a killing field.

Of course in everyday life, we experience a different kind of jungle. Neither the assaults to our senses or the quicksand pits are exclusive to life in the rain forest, but these can be just as treacherous. Emotions and thoughts do not chase people through the underbrush and tear them apart with huge claws. There is no physical separation between man and beast, here. At least the strength of a tiger can be understood. Things like social-bullying tend to stick with a person long after the initial attack.

Once the challenge of sticky emotions and thoughts can be put into perspective, there is a way to navigate the jungle and even thrive in it. The environments of home, school and the workplace do require a plan of action. Jungle pack: Therapy Workbook and Journal provides a way for the user to document emotional triggers and personal strengths.


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