The troll around the corner.

In my life as an outpatient counselor, I have felt imaginary troll that waits around the corner in people’s minds when venturing on a new and helpful behavior. The troll casts a big shadow on the bend, as the prospective adventurer contemplates moving forward to sing a song. This is a scary act for those who don’t sing! Each of them know of the freedom it will bring. To belt out the words in a sing-song voice, is akin to having the massive creature’stroll hands around your throat, you think. You think and you think about the troll who isn’t really there.

You can feel the warmth and prickles of embarrassment as the song starts to escape. No troll in sight, but the feelings are real. I’m sitting there with the song in my mouth. I’m the only one you see. My song is your song too. As you begin to smile and feel the freedom, our space is filled with song. The embarrassment is gone and so is the troll.


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