How to increase confidence.

You know the phrase “Knowledge is power.”

The awareness of your family members’ personality traits is knowledge worth seeking. And it just takes a little more effort to pay attention.

Quite a few people, especially kids in a chaotic home environment have the unfortunate life of being sideswiped by peoples reactions to emotional triggers. Mom flies off the handle when things don’t go a certain way.

Dad is especially sensitive to the door being slammed. Does a five-year-old kid in a whiskey-fueled household need to risk the chance that “Dad” will instantly sober up and consider how much force goes into a beating? This was the base reason for my writing of “Jungle Pack: Therapy Workbook and Journal”. Children don’t have guardian angels appearing out of thin air to help them by saying “Oh you shouldn’t slam that door while your father is around!”

Knowledge of emotional triggers (what set a person off) is essential in building a smart strategy for navigating the family, school and even the workplace environment. There is confidence in being able to stay one step ahead and rise above the chaos.

Another way that Jungle Pack helps to build confidence is in the process of exploring and making personal values clear and visible. Knowing thyself is an even greater tool to have available. Personal knowledge of our own emotional triggers can further help with the strategy in navigating interactions with others. Choices are smarter and more informed when you let cleverness rule, instead of emotions.





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