How To Stop The Anger

1. Do something that has nothing to do with the way you currently feel.  In order to stop being trapped by my anger with someone’s verbal or nonverbal behavior, I wave at them and say “Hey!  Have a great day!” and move on.  In order to keep up the happy or neutral feeling, I will talk about something funny on a TV show or video on the internet.  Or, I can talk about what I am doing for school.  Any subject helps, because I usually don’t engage in angry activities, so there is plenty to go on.  If being teased is the source of my anger, then doing a happy or neutral thing will blow the teaser’s mind.  Try it!

2. Take a deep breath and count backwards from ten to one.  Anger intensity has a brief life.  Counting gives the emotion time to die down.  In most cases, the source of anger does not deserve my first reaction.  There is always a chance to deal with the source of anger in a more rational way.  Problem-solving needs a cool head anyway.

3. Train everyone in the family on strategies 1 and 2. 

Thank you for reading!

David Peace, Author of Jungle Pack: Therapy Workbook and Journal



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