How To Stop The Screaming

1.  Prepare ahead of time for meltdowns.  All human beings have a point of tolerance for how long they will go without something of a personal desire.  For a long ride in the car, have on hand, at least one thing you know a child likes.  Make sure the electronics are charged up before the trip.  Trying to instill discipline on the go and by sheer will, only leads to a battle.  Adult men have the same level of tolerance as children.  So prepare for this.  Pay attention to what he likes.  This is why I created “Jungle Pack: Therapy Workbook and Journal”.  People are attached to their likes and dislikes.

2.  Leave the tension zone.  Simply leave the room.  There is a power struggle between two angry people that creates tension.  Do not stand toe-to-toe with him (or her), trying to reason or match the level of screaming.  When you establish the message of not participating in such behavior, the child or teenager will have less power to create tension. Screaming is only an effective tool when a person accomplishes a reaction from others.

3.  Train everyone in the house on strategies 1 and 2.



2 thoughts on “How To Stop The Screaming

  1. I like that you offer the individual the coping mechanism of simply leaving the room. I train my clients to think about control of how they want to feel about their own emotions. I give them skills that allow them to continue to holistically grow even amongst a lot of weeds! Frequently I will say look at your watch and then excuse yourself for the golden 20 minutes it takes to calm yourself. This amount of time typically allows the tensions to subside and rationality to become more of the fabric of the individual’s mindset.


    • Terry, the wrist watch suggestion is great! I usually ask my new and existing if they have one to wear. Some of them are pressed for money and I have considered buying a box of cheap timers. The monitoring with a timeframe is very useful for a better coping with emotions.

      Thank you for your comment.



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