You and The Red Carpet

Millions of people all over the world who have never been on a movie screen, can relate to the times they stood paralyzed by fear embarrassment, as someone pointed out a characteristic or a mistake.  They’ve heard the snickers and jeers from the crowd.  Maybe it was when that boy dropped all his books in the hallway.  Or maybe it was the time a small, skinny girl with over-sized glasses accidentally bumped into the most popular cheerleader in the cafeteria.  It starts with one person saying “Hey, look at her” and then the next thing you know, a whole bunch of other people are staring.  Some just continue to stare.  Some make snide little comments.  Some of the kids look at the floor and hope there isn’t a big confrontation.  And maybe some of them are thinking “What’s up with the stupid giggling and why is this such a big deal?”

One thing is for sure.  The person who is getting all the attention, is at the moment, the most powerful person in the room.  When everybody is staring or stopping to gawk, there is less energy and attention to anything else.  All this little girl had to do was bump into someone and dress a certain way, and she has commanded the minds of many.  She can simply adjust her glasses and all these people will be awestruck.  They could be focusing their energy on getting to class on time or planning for improved class performance, but no, this skinny little girl is priority.  She is sharing the same treatment that movie stars get on the red carpet.  She has the same power of attention that the President of the United States has during the Inaugural Address, when millions of old geezers are sitting in their easy chairs griping about how the country could be ran better.

David W. Peace, Author of Jungle Pack: Therapy Workbook and Journal


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