Ferguson: Another Slice of Ego

If we could pluck out one common thought in the minds of protesters in Ferguson, Missouri, it would be “I can’t let you win.”

Another thought that is expressed from both sides of the conflict is “I’m not going to let you get away with this.”

In both accounts, emotion without a plan is the only driver behind the wheel here.

As quoted in an article posted by CNN Wire (August 17th), Missouri’s Governor Nixon was interrupted during a town meeting with residents shouting, “You need to charge the police with murder!” and “We want justice!”   

While I do not disagree with people’s concerns over heavy-handed enforcement of the law, there does not seem to be any chance of a solution through screaming and reactive violence.  It has never worked in families.  It has never worked in public schools.

These events still happen because some of the individuals want justice (a vague sense of it) immediately, and they are afraid to leave the table until a deal is made.  There is the fear of losing out, if people decide to retreat and leave it alone.

In a heated battle, emotions keep a person or even a group of people (we feed off of each other) from stepping out the “I’m right. No, I’m right” cycle and engage with the brain to stop and work on a solution.

Even if acceptance and forgiveness are not on the table, there still has to be a definitive plan, or else the same level of hostility and violence will continue.





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