No Money for those Words

ForAusdauer3Ever hear someone start their statement with “Well, they’ll probably say..”?  It’s a bunch of words that come up when person is challenged to take action.  Usually we take action to get something or at least get the ball rolling.  It can be the raise in salary. Or maybe you want to ask a family member to co-sign for a loan.  Or your kid wants to ask the teacher for extra help on a project or a math problem.

But one thing that stops us from asking theses questions is the assumption.  We’re already coming up with a big story about how it’s going to go.  This is very cool for the ability to write stories and come up with fantastic situations.  Our God-given brains really do work on many levels.  We can act, pretend, and come up with lots great ideas.  However, stories in our heads don’t pay the bills.

Imagination (accompanied by fear and other emotions) is powerful and persuasive.  Sometimes it can be like a tornado, causing so much commotion that we forget to look at the facts.  Facts are like stepping-stones. Knowing the facts about any situation is a lot like having a map to go by.

My book, Jungle Pack: Therapy Workbook and Journal helps with taking the wind out of your imagination and creating a map for the right steps.




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