Coffee for My Wife

If I am up before Christy, my wife of ten years, she has a cup of coffee waiting.  I start making it as soon as her footsteps can be heard on the floorboards.  Her journey from the bedroom is long enough for me to have it ready and still steaming.  She does the same thing for me.  This is a way we get the day started for each other’

It’s not a matter of trying to earn brownie points.  It’s not about insecurity, or wishes for another day of love and good treatment.

I think it’s mostly about being in tune with each other.

No, we are not going to agree on everything and we both need the energy to sort stuff out, when it counts.

Doing for each other starts in the household.  It creates an atmosphere of peace and the awareness of a personal role in maintaining this.

But yeah, Christy is still one heck of a woman and I love doing stuff for her.  Plus, I really like it when she makes me coffee.  She just does it so much better.


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