The Opposite of Depression

Justin can hardly stop thinking about his new freedom.  The new TV commercial about Revolutionary Therapies connected with his daily fantasies of being a video game designer, rocking the investor’s team in a New York City high-rise conference room.  It’s been his quiet story for the last ten years, always to be dismissed with a heavy “What’s the use” message and another workday of forcing himself through a painful existence.

The commercial describing the opposite of depression, leaves out the vague promise of coping skills, and actors who look like family members who are barely able to get back into their kids lives.  It doesn’t make matters worse by dooming prospective patients to feeling like outsiders, who have to live a life of managing stigmatic symptoms.  No!  No more continuation of hopelessness.

What has Justin ready to walk through the doors of Revolutionary Therapy, is the encouragement that comes from a presentation of results and a relatable description of the journey towards vital living, not just help.  It’s not just about getting a foggy promise of a better existence.  It’s about jumping out of bed with a purpose.  It’s about blood-pumping action and surfing with a smile through life’s challenges.  It’s about marking down less rates of crying in bed and higher rates of talking to random people at parties and feeling great about it!



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