A Lifetime Of Inspiration In The Jungle

Jungle Pack: Therapy Workbook and Journal isn’t just about my experience as a professional counselor.  None of it could stand alone with such dept of insight, without my forty-seven years as a person, who has learned by the grace of God about openness of mind.  It didn’t come easy!

The material for my book was always right in front of me long before entering the mental health profession.  But it took years for me to stop the self-pity trips and start looking at life’s opportunities.  These come in all forms, especially in our relations with the people at home, in school and at work.  The bottom line here, is that “Jungle Pack” is about how to get in tune with their own needs and the needs of others.

The workbook-journal format is designed to help the reader, and perhaps their counselor build a written plan for work on personal goals and navigating the drama that comes with behavioral, emotional and thinking patterns.  In short, it helps cut though the bull and get on with what matters.

Welcome to the Jungle. Be a master in the journey.


David Peace



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