The Life and Times of Seeing Red

Anger or any other feeling is a temporary event.  The only way for it to stick around is when it is re-invited by thoughts.

If you’re thinking that everyone is laughing at you for a mistake, then anger will come back.

If you laugh about your mistake and do something else, there is no anger.  Only your thinking can invite it back.

So get a stopwatch.  Use it to see how long it takes you to do something (funny or neutral) until anger goes away.  It always does.  Just talking with someone about a movie or something funny that happened the other day will be enough to let the anger pass.

Anger is just your body’s way of reacting to a sudden violation or disruption.  Maybe you were expecting one thing to happen and BAM!  Something else happens.

You can use the stop watch to time how long of a period the anger is allowed to stick around.  If you find that anger stays for five minutes (because you keep thinking…), then set a limit.  Experiment with anti-anger activities or actions you are comfortable with.

Fill in the blanks.

Three things that happen when I let anger stick around or make me do something aggressive are ______________________, __________________________ and _________________________.


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