How to use Jungle Pack: Therapy Workbook and Journal

1. Read the introduction and section on exploring ego.  These sections will help get you ready for understanding how I created the workbook part.

2. Start with the beginning motivation-scale to help with determining how much you are willing to work on personal goals.  I encourage talking about this with a professional counselor.  At least run the subject by someone who most likely going to support your efforts.

3. Whether or not you work with a counselor, invest in a cheap dictionary.  You will be schooled in terms and descriptions of emotion.  What makes home, school and work a jungle are the emotional lives of yourself and others. This book helps with navigating personal differences and what behaviors trigger emotional reactions (in yourself and others).

4. Work from Camp 1. to Camp 4. in this particular order.  Your position on the motivation-scales will most likely change as the prompts are responded to in each camp towards the end.

This will be your customized journal.  Give yourself a chance to respond to the prompts with honesty and not in the way you think someone else will prefer.

David Peace, Author of Jungle Pack: Therapy Workbook and Journal


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