Goal Hunger: The New Sexy

Water Bottles

Water Bottles (Photo credit: lululemon athletica)

The blood runs full throttle when I’m in the zone to accomplish a new feat.  I do not know exactly how the person is going to react when my proposal is pitched for her help in beginning the project.  I have no idea what this lady’s face looks like.  We have never spoken on the phone.  Will she look at me with cold stone eyes and an upturned nose?  Will her rejection of the offering send me walking on through the barren desert of uncertainty once again?  I know what it looks like and how it feels.  In the minutes before pushing open the door and walking into the lobby, my head is swimming with both excitement and a lingering expectation towards being shot down with the words “Not interested.”

Yet, here I go walking in with a bounce in my step, thinking “Stick to the plan.”  My whole week has been a long train of preparation of making such a valuable connection with this firm.  It’s also been a week of internally debating the validity of such an endeavour.  My goal is to snag at least one interested person for the project.  See, I know what it’s like to thrust myself through the thorny bushes of doubt, while being chased by the persistent reasoning of comfort.  I have wandered the lonely world of fear-based ramblings from people who tell me “It won’t do any good” or “It can’t be done.”  Oh, there is an abundance of such sayings.  But I set out to do something.  My waking preoccupation is the job best done.  I live on the stimulating substance of action and dive head-long into discomfort, on purpose.

I love putting on a confident smile that comes from whipping through the fog of static mediocrity.  My gift of sensation is always right next to me.  All I have to do is act differently.  When other people are saying “Oh that’s too hard” I can go ahead and do it.  When I find myself going to the same places, it time to steer off the usual path and knock on different doors.  I only find vitality and new people to visit.  My demeanor has taken on a wild and fun-to-watch, thirst for seeing how much better my skills can become.  And as I dump the excuses which kept me shackled to false stories, the business of setting personal goals becomes for me, an even deeper passion.


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