Mission: Dissolve The Frustration, Create A Mission

When someone says “This sucks” or “This is so irritating”, you can bet that he or she is thinking of the situation as unchangeable.  It is just awful and nothing can be done about it. As I have said before in another post, no matter what the circumstance entails, there is usually the action and reaction of another human being to account for, in the source of frustration.  For this, lies yet another reason to cast blame and build further on hateful thinking and feelings of anger.  The woman says “It’s all that mother’s fault!”

So, the state of mind described as “helpless and hopeless” is further strengthened because unless the other person does something about it, nothing will change.  The day will just keep sucking.  “The baby keeps crying.  I can’t stand it!”  This is the occupying thought which creates nothing but a repeating loop of the same story.  The great thing about stories is that most of them rely upon the fabrication of fictional events.  In fact, the thought “There’s nothing to do about it” is just a shadow and nothing more.  Our solutions or effects of life are not built by shadows.

Suppose the person who is suffering from aggravation because of the “noise pollution” from a baby’s crying decides to change the situation.  He (or she) starts singing softly just loud enough for the baby to hear.  Everyone in the room is looking at the break out singer.  The soft, off-key melody gradually fills the air.  The baby gives a brief indication through silence, that this may work for him, then he starts to cry all over again.  Only now the crying turns into a scream.  The same person decides to keep singing but now gets into the position to where the baby can see a smile.  And of course this isn’t working yet either.  Now the keys are taken out and jingled.  Still no silence or cooing.

There are more tricks to try.  And the effort to soothe a distressed little infant continues, with different actions taken.  This may amount to quite period of making faces and other creative attempts to master a connection.  In the meantime, event consists of forward movements in less regard of what works, but more reliance on self-empowerment.


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