The Gem Dressed As “Irritating”

Stress in the family, classroom or workplace usually involves the interaction between people.  Behind every action and reaction, even if by the bothersome deed done is by a lower animal, there is a human being behind it.  We who are capable of thought and goal-orientation are the very force that makes the world go round.  Without the very gift of voice and purpose, there would be no reason for wondering how someone could come up with such dastardly behavior or things to say.  Nothing would exist.  We would not get to witness and experience innovation.  There would be no such feeling as “sweet relief” at the end of a challenge.  Where would it come from?

There is an open invitation to explore the vitality which produces a child’s impulse to speak loudly or pound on the table.  Something of real substance has to exist in order for anyone of us to have the feelings of irritability.  What we usually pay attention to is the immediate discomfort that has arisen when “too loud” sounds are made.  The effort to investigate and see the source of noise comes dead last.  To make noise, means to have the energy and courage it takes to encourage attention.

How much of our day is being devoted to trying to stop discomfort and to fight powerful emotions?  How much of the day could we spend recognizing the energy and life that does happen?


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