The Carbon Copy of What You Want

On any given day and any given moment, you will cross paths with some other person‘s idea of how to live, how to feel and what to think.  This other person could be your spouse, child or best friend.  Either one of them could raise a lot of hell about whatever action you take or verbally express upon, which is different from what he or she wants.  There could be some feelings of guilt or apprehension on your part when stating the disagreement out loud.  The other person may show disapproval through yelling, frowning or physical attack.  The key word is “temporary.”  What is not temporary is the reality behind your original idea for personal wants and needs.  This comes from what makes you tick.

I want you to imagine life five years from now.  How do you want it?  What will you need?  Now apply these wants and needs to your present situation.  What will other people’s disagreeable behaviors and your current feelings about these matter five years from now?  Do you deserve less of a life now, than from five years in the future?…riced-at-40-00

Jungle Pack printed/ $30.00,  PDF cd/ $15.00


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