The Playground, Backyard and Blue Ribbons

One of the requirements for my son to pass an assessment for 4-K was to hop on one foot.  This was only one of the skills he had to demonstrate competently in order to score close enough to twenty-seven points.  Most people would probably say “Alright.  So he can hop on one foot.”  Some might ask what the big deal is.  Actually, I did not watch the assessment being done. This information was told to us by the school psychologist at the time.  Zachary had the skills.  And as he went through the year, more of these were becoming honed and mastered as his coordination and strength exceeded.  In a short period of time, he and most of his peers fulfilled the natural path of child development.  New physical and mental feats were accomplished while the inches piled on and their brains grew conditioned to learning how to navigate the school environment.

One year, a child is getting the hang of the monkey bars.  Before you know it, he or she is performing stunts make us cringe and want to run to them and say “Oh, don’t do that!”  Like the time I painstakingly watched Zachary hang from the top bar of the swing set.  He lets go of the bar and I can feel my blood pressure rise from the ankles upon the instant thought of how far he has to drop.  Another awkward moment proves that his achievements are marking a non-stop quest to explore a growing body and how it meets the challenges.  He gets to say “Look at me!”  And I get to say “You did it!”


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