Stay Off Other People’s Tracks

At any time and any place throughout the world, someone is going to experience emotion.  The emotion of anger is what gets most people’s attention.  For most of us, it is not a pleasurable event to witness up close.  Regardless of what drives the screaming, kicking, throwing or temporary isolation, there is usually a path for such behavior to follow.  In sessions, I produce a small booklet for the client (3-18 years of age) to record observations of family member behavior.  We look at each item for a person’s way of expressing likes and dislikes.

Let’s say that a male adult family member does not like loud noises in the house.  In some homes, this dislike is boldly announced through hitting or screaming at the noise-maker.  Through working on the booklet and it’s purpose for documentation, the child on how to successfully navigate his/ her home environment.  We explore the difference between useless (and potentially harmful) battles and the best situations with parents in the arena of living.

Parents and teachers can learn how to redirect an emotional situation.  Children and adolescents can learn how to do the same through problem-solving and better awareness of emotions.  The main thing to remember in any case is that an individual’s reasons for feeling anger will only make sense to him or herself.


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