Michelle Bachman And Her Move Through Expectations

There are a lot of photographs of Michelle Bachman which capture her expression of a zeal for the moment.  I don’t know if we can deny or ignore her consistent presence in front of the press which tells a current story of vitality, regardless of what people may be speculating in terms of her abilities.  She manages to smile bright and command attention to her animation in movement and speech, no matter the time of day

Back in July 19, 2011, Kim Carollo.authored an article on the Good Morning America site which put into focus congress woman Michelle Bachman’s condition with migraine headaches.  Of course, there was and still is controversy over capacity to fulfill the position of president with such a physical challenge.  We can throw this on the pile of many other reasons people will come up with in order to side track her resolve.  It does not look like she is stopping on her campaign any time soon.

The new year is bringing along with it many more articles which highlight concerns about her condition with migraines, yet she still takes a lively photograph.


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