Molly Sims And The Bribe

Go to the OMG site and you will see interview articles done with Molly Sims, where she talks about bribing herself to follow through on a workout and health plan.  I’m sure that anyone could find more of these self-support plans out there.  Molly herself is said to have tapped into the obvious and working truth about human beings in general; we do best with the awareness of reward.

When facilitating family sessions with clients and their parents or guardians, I usually make sure to let the child or adolescent demonstrate task ownership and completeness along with the promise of a reward.  The token system is something that I have used many times.  The point is, we sometimes benefit from the end result (if it’s a healthy one), than from the concern about using bribes.  Think about this.  Just the feeling of endorphins coursing through your system after a run is for some of us, a reward.  So technically, whether you are an adult or child, there is some sort of promise waiting.  I’m willing to bet that very few of us can say we would leave the couch or the comfort zone for absolutely nothing in return.


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