Kris Jenner’s Challenge To The World

I’m looking at the content of Kris Jenner’s article posted by US Weekly staff.  It comprises of 25 things she listed is said to have listed about herself which most people don’t know.  A lot of people might say to themselves “Well she’s rich enough to not care what people think about the little idiosyncrasies written for everyone to see.”  One thing stands alone regardless of who she happens to be.  Mrs. Jenner is a human being who expresses a certain way of thinking.  She is providing information regarding personal values and perceptions of her own life and personality quirks.  Quite a few people let their own everyday story build itself into a prison.  Kris Jenner may be offering the path to living life on her own terms.  This day and age, it is increasingly possibly for people who are not of her social status to boldly go where most of our peers have not gone before.


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