Points for Uncertainty

My master’s program adviser once told the class that professionals are supposed to be able to tolerate uncertainty. He of course said this after listening to 20 minutes of whining about an upcoming decision in regards to who would be voted onto the next semester. Many of us could relate to feeling and thinking like we were in American Idol.
The measure of tolerating uncertainty can determine the degree to which there is durable change. Quite a bit of work has to be done for a substantial amount of time for a person to get to the other side of an accomplishment. To get this far, there has to be some new learning established. Otherwise we could not really use the term accomplishment to describe something done. It would just be more of the same.
In the process of putting forth the effort towards accomplishment, there may the discomforting self-directed message in regards to what might happen. Will there be yelling? Will I be found out as not good enough or smart enough? Will all my effort be for nothing?
In my position as a therapist and counselor, I get to witness some acts of courage. Some of my clients from the ages five to eighteen venture into a new social status by taking on scary verbal assignments with other people. The courageous part comes from tackling the initial uncertainty of not knowing how the performance of a social act will turn out. This is something to be recognized, supported and praised in a direct manner.


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