Other people’s doubt which only I visualize

Now here is a very cool gift of reality I can let you in on.  It is not uncommon with human beings to be paralyzed by what someone might think of our extra efforts to achieve a personal goal.  A goal can consist of any accomplishment, whether it be a sales goal for the month, or a desire to run the mile in under 4 minutes.  I don’t see anything wrong with either one.  And there is nothing out-of-bounds here.  To run a 4-minute mile or earn $20,000.00 in sales is quite ambitious and there is something here to focus on.  Both of these accomplishments are even greatly supported by society’s staple mentality of capitalism and promotion of fitness. 

The tricky part comes in when a person starts to experience challenges along the way.  Adjustments to training or presentation of a product have to be made.  Not everyone is bending to pave a golden road of error-free and quick success.  The world does not stop turning because things get tough.  And the tough stretch of this journey, is where a person is most likely to be vulnerable to doubt.  The kind of doubt we are exploring here, is what has been created over the years of spending time with family rules and comfortable routines.  In general, we all find ways to cope with different situations in one way or another.  But sometimes we find that those ways of doing things are hard to let go.  

People are quick to say “Man that looks hard.  Let me help you.” or “Maybe you need to stop trying so hard.”  Both statements are really filled with good intention and an attempt to help you find relief.  This is even if the action of stopping may be the very thing which spoils your resolve. 

Now comes the moment of testing your stick-to-it-and-finish attitude.  The last mile hurts like crazy.  Your lungs and legs are burning.  The deadline is growing ever so closer and burnout is on the near horizon.  It is the task and you.  These are the only true realities.  And the coach, the only qualified person who is encouraging you, happens to be saying “Yes you can!” 


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