Benefits of using the Jungle Pack: Workbook-Therapy Journal

Benefits of Using “The Jungle Pack:

A Therapy Workbook-Journal”

1. Therapist, counselor or clinician spends less time searching for triggers to conversation.

2. The workbook has prompts for conversation which are universally common to any human-being.

3. The workbook-journal is a format for keeping track of verbal and written responses.  It can be used for a reference later in therapy or counseling.

4.  Text is divided into short and easy to read paragraphs.

5. The format is designed to broaden a helpful vocabulary for the client (words are power).

6.  This workbook was written by someone who has experience in the human services over the last 15 years.

7.  Client motivation can be tracked throughout the workbook.

Please go to for purchasing instructions.


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